Window Products

Measure accurately your window opening.

*Measure and record accurately your dimensions. Fabricators cannot be accountable for incorrect measurements.
* When measuring use a metal tape measure, not a cloth tape or yard stick.

Inside mount or outside mount?

* Determine if blind will be inside mount (IB) or outside mount (OB). Inside mounts are recessed into the window and require a casing that has a minimum of 1/2" depth. Outside mounts are used for shallow window casings, door mounts and more privacy and mount on the flat surface of the casing. Factory will make no deduction in the width of OB blinds in production.

Measuring inside mounts (IB)

* Measure to the nearest 1/8" the width of the window opening between the jambs. Measure at the top, middle, and bottom and use the smallest measurement. Measure the height at the left, center and right of the opening and use the largest measurement. Remember that width is side to side and height is top to bottom. When you order your blind, do not take any deductions for clearance. Factory will deduct 1/2" from all inside mounts. Select the IB box on the order form.
Note: On Shangri-La shades the headrail will measure ordered width minus 3/16". The fabric will measure ordered width minus 1 1/8".

IB Win.gif (26325 bytes)

Measuring outside mounts (OB)

*Determine the point where the installation brackets will mount on the flat portion of the casing or the wall. Measure the distance between the outside of left bracket and the outside of the right bracket. Deduct 3/8" from this dimension and record it as the width of the blind. Factory will take no additional deduction in manufacturing the blind. Determine the height of the blind and record this dimension. If brackets are being mounted beyond the casing you may need spacers behind the brackets. On door mounted blinds you need a minimum of 3" added to the height of the glass opening to allow clearance to mount the headrail and hold down brackets. Select the OB box on the order form.
Note: On Shangri-La shades the headrail will measure ordered width plus 3/16". The fabric will measure ordered width minus 3/4".

OB_Win.gif (25777 bytes)

Valance Returns

* Valance returns on a standard order are as follows:
        Inside Mount will have no valance returns.
        Outside Mount will have valance returns of 2  5/8" to 2  3/4" depending on the manufacturer.

* You may specify a custom valance return in 1/4" increments starting at the minimum length available on some products if you choose to. This is sometimes desirable on an inside mount where the blind cannot be recessed completely into the opening and  protrudes into the room beyond the trim or the wall. This length of the return will be  2  3/4" minus the depth that the installation bracket can be recessed into the opening. Example: If the blind can only be recessed 1" into the opening, the valance return length would be special ordered at 1  3/4" length. If you have other dimensions that you need that the cart does not offer, you may contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.