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Comfortex Virtuoso's® elegant ½” single honeycomb design provides excellent insulation, privacy and light diffusion. Available in many beautiful colors, Virtuoso is the perfect solution for those looking for an elegant but economic solution for covering windows.
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  • ½ inch cell is perfect for covering larger windows
  • Durable, light diffusing fabrics block harmful UV rays 
  • EnergySmart construction helps insulate windows and reduce energy use
  • Crisp honeycomb cellular construction will not sag and flatten
  • Features the child safe Breakthrough Cord Connector
  • Chordless™ child safety option available


  • Virtuoso® Cellular Construction of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric
  • UV Blockage
  • Energy Smart
  • Pleat Retention
  • High Performance Cordlock
  • Easy Set Equalizer
  • Duotone Color Format
  • Compact Stacking Height
  • Breakthrough Cord Connector
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comfortex Baritone


Standard Rectangular Shades by Comfortex
The shade rises from the bottom up and is the most popular and original cord-operated shade.

Duofold Top Down – Bottom Up Shades by Comfortex
A Duofold shade can open from the top and bottom. Two cord locks on either side of the shade allow for operation in either direction. Perfect if you want to have a view at the top while maintaining privacy below.

Omni-Rise™ Continuous Cord Loop System by Comfortex
Designed for those larger shades, the smooth operating cord loop control helps shades rise evenly and easily. Omni-Rise's cord loop keeps dangling cords to a minimum and the clutch system keeps your shade at precisely the height you want.
The head rail is a soft white color with a coordinating fabric color strip.

Chordless™ Child Safety Shades by Comfortex
A breakthrough in window fashion technology. Chordless shades keep your children and pets safe by eliminating unsightly cords. There are no exposed cords for children or pets to become entangled in.

Chordless Ultra™ by Comfortex
The Chordless Ultra Hardware System keeps your children and pets safe by eliminating exposed cords.  The system operates smoothly allowing you to raise and lower shades at the touch of a finger. Up or down, the shades remain level and equalized while your window remains free of dangling cords.

2 on 1 Headrail by Comfortex
Two standard rectangular shades share the same headrail; each shade operates independently.

ComforTrack™ Energy Saving Side Track System by Comfortex
The ComforTrack Side Track System seals the leaks between the window and the frame, minimizing energy loss and saving energy dollars. The side tracks are made of durable, high-tech plastic and attach directly to window frames. The combination of the side tracks and Energy Smart Cellular Fabric further minimizes heat loss and heat gain.

Breakthrough Cord Connector by Comfortex
The latest in child safety! Available on all Cellular Shades, the Breakthrough Cord Connector meets all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Window Covering Manufacturers Associate (WCMA) standards. Designed to break apart when force is applied from the top, the Breakthrough Cord Connector provides a new level of safety for small children and pets.

Day-Night Shades by Comfortex
Day-Night shades provide privacy and desired light control by combining two fabrics into one shade. One layer of fabric is between the top rail and center rail, and the other is between the center rail and bottom rail.